Adding Talking Books to new PENfriend3

PENfriend3 has arrived! Now you can add your Talking Book in Memory Sticks, Daisy CDs or even from the new Dairy Online ZIPs to your Penfriend.

Everytime you switch off in the middle of a story, and later switch on again, PENfriend3 will remember where to continue from. Please watch or listen to this video to feel how easy it is to add a new book.
Now you can take your stories outdoors with you, in the garden or on public transport.

Unfortunately this new feature does not work with PENfriend2 and earlier, but our aim is to encourage you to take PENfriend outdoors - so with the ability to record and playback important messages on keyfobs, the Talking Books is a great new addition to your experience outdoors with PENfriend.