PENfriend 3 Arabic

Here is the Arabic version of PENfriend 3 front of the box and back, all the instructions are heard in Arabic.
PENfriend allows you to label all your products, leave messages and a host of other activites that are listed on the box.
BUT it also has additional functions. Press the mode button once and you are into our book reading mode. We have 65+ story books for children in Arabic with English to listen to with you PENfriend. Buy the physical book and your pwn will read page by page as you touch it against the special sound spots.
Press the mode button again and you are into our mp3 music mode. Load any mp3 tracks into the mp3 folder and your pen can play them back sequencially.
Press the mode button again and you enter our reader, you can load a book into this and listen chapter by chapter, the reader will always remember where you last were. Try loading the Qur'an.
Press the mode button again and it will take you back to the initial recording mode.
RNIB do sell the Arabic PENfriend but their website has to be updated to show the product.


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