PENfriend 2 and 3

RNIB Penfriend enables you to record your own audio labels for a wide range of items in and around the home, at school and on the way to work. To identify an item, touch the label with PENfriend and it will play back your voice recording! Labels can be re-used and can playback up to 60 minutes of content.

  • "Get started" instructions are spoken in audio (in many languages) and is in the tactile talking Instruction cards. 
  • Switch on PenFriend and touch the instruction hotspot for detail explanations.
  • This site also has detailed video instructions
  • The reverse side are audio explanations card has16 uses people have found.
  • You can record new messages onto any label to reuse them where possible
  • Supplied with 130 recordable labels; each can hold a message or music up to one hour long. 
  • 8GB internal memory stores 250 hours of recordings. Memory is expandable to 16GB. 
  • Tactile high-contrast operating buttons and dedicated power button.
  • PENfriend is of no use to thieves so listen to your favourite talkig books when you go outside
  • There are over 2600 unique audio reusable labels, so no shortage for labeling CD collection, birdbooks, foods, etc. Each label has a uniques number to avoid duplication.

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