I have used my PenFriend so much over the years and it has survived lots of accidents with water. I think that if you are new to sight loss I would recommend it as the first piece of assistive technology you buy. The device is so simple as there is no technology barrier to using it and there are so many ways it can help you be more independent.

From the RNIB website


It makes the process of discovering the products/items you want quicker and easier.

It is possible to record for as long as you like meaning it's possible to record as much informations as you want.

The stickers can be placed on items such as food packaging, beauty products, medication and labels for clothing.

It allows visually impaired people to become more independent when wanting to find the items they're after.


The only con I have for this device is that it can be quite time consuming to place the labels on products and make the recordings but this is a small negative aspect in comparison with all the positives it provides.

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Five Star Review

The PenFriend is easy to work, pressing the top button button and holding it for a few seconds, there is a beep and it is ready to go.

For instructions the labeller has labels with information on how to work it.

I had a sight loss worker show me personally, trust me, if I can work it, then it is easy to do.

I can leave messages and label foods or buttons around the home.

It comes with a strap and is handy for hanging up on a hook or hanging around my neck when in use.

I just put the tip of the penfriend on my label to hear what I have said about it.

eg what record is in the sleeve, or how long to cook something in the microwave.

Or just a memo to remind me of an appointment or instructions.

I am not aware there is any time limit on the recording, so your message can be quote long.

How clever.

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Very Good

Bernard Michael McHugh

5 star review

This is an amazing tool for my blind daughter. We have labeled her books on CD, groceries, medicine bottle, nade recipe cards & many more objects. She is so happy. It gives her so much help finding things.

MaxiAid website USA

5 star product

It is the best tool for someone who is visually  impaired to read prescription labels.

Also a friend who cannot read can use the pen to know what prescriptions they are taking.

It is a great independent Living tool.

MaxiAid website USA

Thank you for the PENfriend. I have three versions, starting from the original which I bought over 10 years ago. I love it! And thanks to Kate from the manufacturers who has always been very helpful and patient in putting up with my numerous questions. I love Penfriend and am completely blind. I use it for labelling food cans, my CD collections and many more. Well done for such a great product.

Tommy McCaugherty

Ellen uses her PENfriend a lot and wonders what she would have done without the technology. Feel free to use Ellen as a reference. For the record, Ellen (my wife) is deaf/blind as the result of Userh II Syndrome, is 72 and has had progressive loss of vision and hearing. She currently has two Cochlear Implants and is totally blind. I have replaced her PENfriend 1 and gotten her new PENfriend 3 up and working with the labels Ellen recorded in her original unit. Thanks for the assistance.

Fred C Foshag, Jr. Pittsburg, USA