Thank you for the PENfriend. I have three versions, starting from the original which I bought over 10 years ago. I love it! And thanks to Kate from the manufacturers who has always been very helpful and patient in putting up with my numerous questions. I love Penfriend and am completely blind. I use it for labelling food cans, my CD collections and many more. Well done for such a great product.

Tommy McCaugherty

Ellen uses her PENfriend a lot and wonders what she would have done without the technology. Feel free to use Ellen as a reference. For the record, Ellen (my wife) is deaf/blind as the result of Userh II Syndrome, is 72 and has had progressive loss of vision and hearing. She currently has two Cochlear Implants and is totally blind. I have replaced her PENfriend 1 and gotten her new PENfriend 3 up and working with the labels Ellen recorded in her original unit. Thanks for the assistance.

Fred C Foshag, Jr. Pittsburg, USA