We're Mantra Lingua, based in London, UK. We manufacture PENfriend and supply the RNIB (Royal National Institute for Blind People). We also publish books, labels, calendars, diaries, and posters that can be used with your PENfriend. This site brings together all the countries and products where you can buy PENfriend and all its accessories. If you are from the USA, we list shops for you and take you directly to the relevant page for PENfriend. Soon, no matter where you are from, if PENfriend is sold in your country you can find where to buy it.  (If any other authorised sites from any country wishes to be listed here, please contact us at info@mantralingua.com.)

We believe the needs of those living with visual impairment all over the world are identical. There is a common goal to increase independence, and not have to rely on others for help as far as possible. Being publishers skilled in design and production, we have a huge range of products for your PENfriend. We are always innovating, and work closely with the Barnet Visually Impaired Specialist Team. Most of the ideas shown in the Instruction and Uses Card come from VI's, such as using the laundry labels to identify your plants, using stickers to record telephone conversations, etc.

Our latest innovation is that PENfriend doubles up as your Talking Book Reader, where PENfriend will remember the page where you last left off. The Team said that they wanted to extend the reach of PENfriend, which often stays inside the house. Now the Recordable Key Fob becomes an essential aid for shopping lists and key information.

RNIB are distributors for the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Latvia. They also supply shops in Germany, France, and Italy. However, with the needs of VI's worldwide being similar, we are looking for distributors or specialist retailers. We have an exciting range of ancillary products for PENfriend, and most of these, such as the Key Fobs, can be badged with Distributors logos.
Please contact info@mantralingua.com for further information. 

Our new website is designed for you. Personalise it with your own unique requirements such as fonts, background colours, space between lines, contrast, etc. The main aim is to connect you and your ideas, advice, or problems, with other people of the world-wide VI community and ourselves, as we develop a global network of PENfriend users.