The Giant Turnip: Version for Blind and Visually Impaired

This is a famous Ukrainian story well-known to many school children. However with a unique twist to the construction of the book, Giant Turnip is the first to be designed for Blind and Visually Impaired children and/or their parents.

Questions such as, "How do I know which way round I am holding the book?"  or "How can I read when you say there is no braille?" or "This is a picture book. How do I know what the pictures looks like?" or "You say that this is the first of a series. How can I tell the title easily?" or "How can I listen in different languages?" or "Can I record my Mom telling the story page by page"

"Impossible!" you could say, but Giant Turnip does all these, and for only $15.50 or £9.50! 

The key is to have a PENfriend, the best selling voice labelling device. With PENfriend, you will be able to listen to audio description on every page, that takes the reader through the artwork and to the text being spoken in English and in 15 other languages. Free. And, if your home language is not in the list, then as usual, your supporter can record page by page into your PENfriend in the usual way. 

The book is 11 inches by 9inches (280mm by 235mm), 24 pages and paperback. 

Please watch the coming video for a demonstration of how to do this. 




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