PENfriend v3: What is inside the Box

Look inside the new PENfriend v3 box and see the new Tactile Talking Stickers and gives a quick demonstration of the PENfriend..

There are 105 free Tactile stickers for give you a Quick Start, and introduced also is the new Backup software to give you peace of mind. We give a real life demonstration of the new talking book feature where PENfriend remembers the last page you were on! 

The new ancillary products are :

Washable Plastic Talking Stickers for tin cans - available in April 2023

Fridge Magnet Talking Stickers  - available in May 2023

Rubber band Talking Fobs - available in June 2023

Tactile Talking Notebook - available in July 2023

Tactile Talking Christmas card - availble in September 2023